We are All Activists

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What kind of activist are you?

Some of us are born mothers. We activate others to make better mothering choices simply by our being good mothers and an example.

Others are born to write about activism and educate the masses or the minor support groups of a particular need Both are important.

Some of us are icily strong in the face of danger, standing up to those who must be stopped. Others are fire, burning everyone in their path who opposes them.

Some moms write letters, some forward emails and Facebook statuses. Some mothers go on to be in government, stand up to government, change government.

Some speak to the spiritual, some to the literal, some to the mainstream and some to the far edges. We each have a voice we are activating.

Every one of us has been an example to someone else in some way of the action we wish others would be.

Find what your action is, know what it is, build it stronger. BE the change you want in the world.

So, babe, what’s your activism all about today?

-Shannon Mitchell

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