Stepmom (1988)

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Stepmom the movie

SS: You know Ben was born in two hours, went straight to the breast and camped there for the next four days, always with this mischevious look on his face, like he had a secret or something. And his blanket, always looked like a cape, even the nurses said so. He loves hearing that story, over and over, about how he was born a magician.

JR: And her?

SS: 28 hours. Doctors wanted to go in and get her but I knew she’d come in her own time. That’s just the way she is. Can’t let anybody rush her.

JR: I’ll keep that in mind

I love that it is both a real moment between a woman dying and her “successor” and trying to convey how important it is that we have our birth stories and that Susan Sarandon’s character so firmly remembers her stories and how they relate to her children today, in a very positive way. She not only remembers, she wants the stories carried forward and retold because of how concrete they are to the children they share, an expression of love.

The ratings:

Neither hospital nor homebirth preference, though there is obviously an inference that the mom had to resist being coerced into a cesarean so, 3.5 stars on the hospital birth rating.

Mainstream birth but with a powerful mom. WTG! 4.5-star rating for normal birth.

Breastfeeding is a 5-star awesome of normal breastfeeding, without any negative implications of a constantly nursing newborn.

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