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It’s Monday and I’m putting myself back together. It’s 1 pm and I’m finally beginning to come out of the birth fog. I got good sleep but it takes a bit to process out. I write a short thing every time about what I could have learned. It is always humbling but there is always more to learn. Even from the simplest journey and always from the longest. There is weakness, strength, resurgence and growth. And always, a mother is born and reborn through the hours, finding each new place a spiritual change. As we hold that space between the almost and the now, we deserve support and belief. We deserve to know that time has stopped for us and we have that space to grow, to become, and to be, not just a mother, but a woman in all the infinite shards of the crystal. And there is nothing more straining and beautiful to watch unfold than all those bits and points of light become life and love. It is a true gift and blessing to be in this space with two become three and love come into being.

-Shannon Mitchell

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