What if you opened a library and no one came?

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Welcome to the Birth Library!
Have you ever done it? We’ve all done it. Bought books we had every intention of reading. Wanted books we couldn’t find or have easy access to without purchasing. We all live secret lives of knowledge we want but that simply…

…sits on shelves, waiting for us. Waiting for our interest. Waiting for an assignment to make us read it. Waiting for a reason to reach out and just pick up a book.

My exploration of birth books began as a collection. I’m a natural librarian, a natural sorter of information. I began to love birth, began to learn and so, I began to get books. After years of books, I realized that I had a library but had not read the vast majority of the books. I found information online, I was a digital native in love with shelves of books. The sheer accumulation and ownership of information. And now, I’ve begun to find the small, the beautiful, the lost information that lives on in books but is regularly deleted from the digital world. Those primary resources that we all use but never truly consider. This website is a place of exploration of those books, those chapters, sharing the juicy and arbitrary goodness that is a library, full of silent gems waiting for us to open them. An exploration of the media that I own or come into contact with as I explore the world of birth.
I hope you like it.

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