Breastfeeding in Children’s Books?

Posted · Add Comment posted a fabulous list of children’s books earlier this year that included breastfeeding. It’s amazing to think that one to two generations of books wiped out all references to breastfeeding and incorporated bottlefeeding to the point where dolls and toys came with bottles GLUED or plastic-molded to the toy! My daughter still hasn’t forgiven me for insisting that a mama-baby seal Playmobil toy didn’t need a bottle in it. Okay, so maybe she didn’t like that the bottle went missing one night…anyway, breastfeeding is a normal image. Babies should see breasts. Children should see breasts. We should promote normal.
Here’s the article with the awesome list of books:


(PS, if you are still reading, tell me this isn’t just an ODD image? The mama is right there and the bottle is the same size as the seal baby! Children learn from visual images.)


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