A Visit to Sarasota’s Ringling Museum

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A few years ago, I saw these artworks at Sarasota, Florida’s Ringing Museum and the Ca’ D’zan. They are not only beautiful, they bring up very graphic messages for the media of “their” time as well as ours. Breastfeeding as an expression of charity and giving, naked and open breastfeeding in a religious figure such as Mary. It’s not only lovely and detailed imagery, it’s also thought-provoking as to what is considered normal at a time where we are constantly being questioned over public breastfeeding. There is no controversy here. Men (these artists are male) obviously saw enough breastfeeding mothers that not only were they able to accurate convey what breastfeeding looked like, they also captured the essence of how to hold an infant who is nursing, or a toddler, for that matter. And the idea of chastity is still epitomized without thinking of breastfeeding as sexual or sinful. WP_20131204_116 WP_20131204_117 WP_20131204_123 WP_20131204_124

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